About Us

Paris is not far away from you anymore, it’s in the Kingdome, right next door.

Every girl and women deserves to treated in a special way, That’s how we do it here!
Our staff is trained to makes you feel special and gives you what you always dreamed about with that extra attention to the details.
Of course we have perfect services at Vog, but it is nothing compare to the needed ones from your side, because we know we have all kind of services but we will offer the services you need.
Refreshing place? yes sure. We will make you feel welcomed and in the right spot, Simply our goal is to keep welcoming you over and over, become friends before customers and clients.

On a side note, we are partners with international hair brands to create a journey of possibilities for you GIRLS. So we partnered with L’oreal, Kerastase, X-tenso, ..etc and a lot more you’ll get to know them when you visit us.

Now, What are you waiting for to make that new look you always want it to do?