We are bringing Parisian elegance to the Kingdom.

Vog salon is a franchise from Paris, France, and the very first one of kind type exists in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

We are introducing a different type of elegance to the Middle East. That’s mainly our goal, but also, to make you more satisfy of how you want your hair be like.

With high quality products and well trained professional stylists, Vog make sure to turn every women dream into reality. We are presenting a full dedicated team who are willing to do everything they possibly can to make sure every woman gets the new fresh look she’s looking for.

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We have the most unique experience, everyone can get

Vog salon has a refined atmosphere to ensure each customer have all the attention and care. We are not only promise to have a refreshing experience, but also to live a relaxing experience that could takes them far from their everyday concerns and worries. We encourage every lady out there to dream about what she wants to do with her hair, and we will empower that immediately.

As you already know, we have a benchmark!

which is our team of stylists, they are our power and main source of reliability, because we have the best of them all, they do the perfect colors, nailing everyone’s dream, however how crazy that dream was.
Vog Stylists are not just known for always finding the perfect shade to “color your life.” but they consult our lovely customers with the utmost personal care in order to reach the perfect looks.

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